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Despite the many barriers to acquiring world-class medical education, Africans still opt to pursue the profession. Inadequate facilities and numerous barriers to accessing necessary acumen means the African healthcare system lacks efficacious and reliable training programs for surgeons, and for other specialized practitioners to access a dependable network of continuing education.

To keep up with the fast evolution in health sciences and technologies, global standards and an ecosystem of practical learning, Polyclinic Afrik was formed under the G.A.P.S. and the D.E.P.I. combined initiative. Developing nations in Africa and worldwide will have unfettered access to a knowledge base, ultimately reducing inpatient fatalities.

Our Mission

We aim to erect innovative and functional healthcare facilities in strategic locations throughout Africa. We are dedicated to creating healthcare options and opportunities while improving current ones for the local cohort of patients and aspiring medical professionals.

Our Vision

Through G.A.P.S. and D.E.P.I., we are undaunted in our mission to make Africa a notable destination for healthcare practice and management. With hard work and continuous contribution, we envision an Africa with modern healthcare facilities and infrastructures located cost to cost, and filled with proficient and caring professionals catering to patients confident in their care.

The Challenge

Many aspiring doctors and surgeons in Africa are discouraged from pursuing their medical dreams due to a lack of professional supervision, mentorship, and quality continuing education at their local universities. In most African nations, the ratio of formally trained surgeons to patients is between 1:250,000 and 1:2.5 million, causing thousands of patient fatalities annually.

Despite these grave numbers, there is still a strong interest in pursuing a healthcare career across the continent. By constructing medical facilities that house professionals throughout Africa, we will attract graduates who will, in turn, be exposed to the highest medical training. They will be effectively taught in various medical environments, prompting them to achieve their crucial medical career dreams in Africa.

Our Objectives

The Polyclinic Afrik Fund promotes innovation and entrepreneurship with a foundation in establishing a healthy Africa. This is embedded in encouraging local, quality diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It supports capital funding and private investment in healthcare practice, clinical operations and management for native Africans, African Americans, and the D.E.P.I. (Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative).

Our objectives are:

  1. To partake in implementation and promotion of an all-time reliable Healthcare & Business Directory for the overall health industry beginning with the U.S., North America, and continental Africa (G.H.M. Media & Expo). This directory is a prime platform for brand promotion and networking for all sectors of the healthcare practice, dental practice, health and wellness, and the supply chain operations and management.
  2. To leverage the new Health Industry & Business Directory to partner with local businesses and native entrepreneurs, and to generate funds through collaborative partnership with a network of: Community Growth Members, Community Lifeline Partners, Community Market sponsors, strategic healthcare support partners, corporate sponsors, and through community events and online fundraising campaigns.
  3. To help build and operate Micro Clinics with a focus on outpatient care and Polyclinic Acute Care centers across continental Africa, and to treat patients locally without the need for medical evacuation to a facility outside of their country of residence.
  4. To support Pan-African physicians and surgeons' training programs and to create rewarding employment opportunities for healthcare professionals who are willing to reside in and practice in Africa.
  5. To help ideate, execute, manage, and promote an affordable and self-sustained healthcare delivery model that can be implemented across the continent.

Our Fundrising Goals 2022 – 2033

In collaboration with local entrepreneurs and GHM-Community Growth Partners, MedAlliesWorld® and POLYCLINIC AFRIK FUND project to support the construction and Management of 20 MiniClinics and PolyClinics (hospitals) across Africa by 2033.

Strategic Funding & Collaborative Partnership

POLYCLINIC AFRIK FUNDing campaigns are supported by corporate sponsorship from MedAlliesWorld® G.H.M. Media & Expo, G.H.M. Magazine, and G.H.M. Depot.

MedAlliesWorld® G.H.M. (Global Healthcare Markets) provides business-oriented tools that drive health-industry solutions to vital non-profit initiatives in the U.S.A. and healthcare and wellness problems in developing countries worldwide.

We invite global health industry manufacturers, supply chain operators, hospitals, specialty clinics, physicians, and health service providers to join G.H.M. in their respective communities and targeted markets. Each G.H.M. advertising member, partner, or sponsor will reap valuable short and long-term returns on their investment. This will happen in conjunction as they contribute to the US-Assist and the Global-Assist Polyclinic Solutions (G.A.P.S.).


Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

MedAlliesWorld® Lifeline Foundation and the Polyclinic Afrik Fund do not discriminate based on race, color, ethnicity, gender, religion, or country of origin.

About Us

MedAlliesWorld® Lifeline Foundation Inc is the non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to these Global-Assist Polyclinic Solutions (G.A.P.S.). It promotes collaborative partnerships with local healthcare and wellness professionals, community and regional business operators, and global market partners.

The Global-Assist Polyclinic Solutions (G.A.P.S.) coordinates the implementation of nonprofit healthcare initiatives and funding for children & youth development programs in developing communities.

Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (D.E.P.I.) implements public benefit-targeted initiatives and fundraising campaigns. Those community-driven campaigns support medical education and research, career development, entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, capital funding for healthcare practice and management and for healthcare supply chain management.

Teams & Network Communications Liaison

Nile B.

Project Management Liaison
Board Member for M.A.W. Lifeline Foundation - Business & Community Development Council

MBA in Entrepreneurship & Project Management - Florida International University - B.S. in Business Administration / Marketing - University of South Florida - Accredited in Medical Sales / Member of the Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA)

Quinne Renée

M.A.W. Communications Liaison

B.S. in Environmental Studies - University of Central Florida - Accredited in Medical Sales / Member of the Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA)
Covid-19 Graduate – Class of Challengers 2020 – No graduation gowns and caps, no inspiring commencement speeches. Just a global class of thriving challengers.

David Chris

Network Development Liaison

B.A. in Communications – George Mason University - Accredited in Medical Sales / Member of the Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA)


Strategic Partnership Liaison

B.A. in Communications – University of Virginia - Wise - Health and Wellness Marketing / Coaching

Jean R. Burford

Vice Chair for M.A.W. Nonprofit Executive Board – Volunteers & Corporate Sponsorship Council

B.S. Psychology - George Washington University – Assistant Vice President at a major multi-hospital Conglomerate - 35 years as healthcare management executive / patient relations and financial services

Chris Otu
(U.S. Bantu)

Founder & Chairman

MedAlliesWorld (M.A.W.) - Global Healthcare Markets (G.H.M.) - Global Assist Polyclinic Solutions (G.A.P.S.) - A Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (D.E.P.I.)


Nonprofit Executive Board Advisor – Co-Chair for Polyclinic Afrik

Join G.H.M. to help meet the challenge

Global Healthcare Markets & Business Directory
including: (G.H.M. Expo) - (G.H.M. Magazine) - (G.H.M. Depot)

Global Healthcare Markets & Business Directory (G.H.M.) is a prime contributor to MedAlliesWorld Lifeline Foundation’s USAssist Polyclinic Funding Initiative, and Global Assist Polyclinic Funding Solutions.


You are invited to join G.H.M. as community growth member in support of the USAssist Polyclinic Funding Initiative or the Global-Assist Polyclinic Funding Solutions. You will receive a robust benefit package for prime exposure of your business in your local community and target markets. You may also join in the capacity of Community Lifeline Partner, or Community Supply Chain Sponsor for your state or nationwide.


We are soliciting you and your organization to support our mission at the level of corporate sponsor for your state, your country or for global market outreach. In turn, G.H.M. will leverage your brand to create new market segments, and to grow your market share through local representation. G.H.M. offers options for brand promotion, local marketing, and field-sales in targeted business communities.

As long as we are part of your community… All good things will get done.

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